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"Moment Records ...a powerful catalog of classical and fusion performances." – Jazziz

Moment! Records has been founded to record and present great moments from performances of the classical music of India and contemporary world music. Indian classical music, based on improvisation, spontaneity and a refined concept of the relation between performer and audience, has certain demands all of its own.

Before the advent of the concert hall in India, music, which had its origins in the temple, was played at court or in even smaller chambers, and it is this intimacy that is reflected in the philosophy toward the evocation of rasa or mood. We at Moment Records feel that, by recording live performances with innovative, state of the art techniques, we are faithfully presenting the experience of this great music. Moment Records is dedicated to recording this quality of performance in both genres, using advanced technology.

Moment Records was founded in 1991 by tabla maestro and world music legend Zakir Hussain. We are proud of a catalog which includes audiophile-quality concert recordings of the great contemporary classical masters of India, including Ravi Shankar's "Concert for Peace," along with "The Best of Shakti" (Zakir's milestone band with guitar great John McLaughlin), "Masters of Percussion," "Zakir Hussain & The Rhythm Experience" and saxophonist/composer George Brooks' critically acclaimed "Lasting Impression" and "Night Spinner."